Our Team

A Personal Thank You

I would like to take the time to thank you personally for registering an interest in Symmetry Solar and seeking to understand more about who we are, and what we can achieve working together.

Symmetry Solar was created out of a desire to reconceptualise the customer experience, and in over 10 years of operation the core ethos that founded the business remains upheld in every interaction we have with our clients and future partners.

Symmetry Solar has grown from humble beginnings as a small residential solar energy business, to a commercial and utility-scale engineering, procurement and construction provider employing over 60 people in three states and territories.

Our success is borne of our commitment in maintaining and nurturing the client relationship from initial engagement through to project delivery. We are the largest nationally operated solar retailer that commits to utilising in-house resources to engineer, procure and construct our projects. Managing every aspect of our project deliverables allows our team to deliver the highest calibre of projects in our industry.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to sustainability, and welcome you to the experience that is Symmetry Solar.

Paul Harmsworth

Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Paul Harmsworth - Symmetry Solar
Symmetry Solar Team

Our Team

Brendan Nicholson - Symmetry Solar
Brendan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer

Brendan’s core passion is the leadership and development of his people.

With background in Operational Management, directly responsible for managing multiple businesses in the commercial and industrial project delivery sector, Brendan has been directly responsible for managing business's with combined aggregated turnover of over 50 million AUD.

Paul Harmsworth - Symmetry Solar
Paul Harmsworth
Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Paul’s driving force is renewable energy development and new energy technology.

Having been immersed in the renewables sector since its early inception, Paul has been instrumental in guiding the business, and the industry as a whole on the path to sustainability through quality execution.

Brad Aberdeen - Symmetry Solar
Brad Aberdeen
Senior Business Development Manager

Brad’s key motivator is delivering tailored end-to-end solutions for his clients.

With a background in senior business development for national retail and large consumer markets, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to client relationship management.

Matthew Beaman - Symmetry Solar
Matthew Beaman
Head of Engineering

Matthew has yet to encounter a problem he cannot engineer his way out of.

With a bachelor of engineering and expertise in the high voltage sector, Matthew is tasked with designing and integrating Symmetry Solar's utility-scale projects.

Anthony Lahif - Symmetry Solar
Anthony Lahiff
Operations Manager

Anthony brings over 23 years experience in the electrical industry managing critical infrastructure across the country.

The day-to-day challenges of Operational Management excites Anthony and with his experience he is able to bring a voice of calm authority and structure to an energetic environment.

Stephen Finlay - Symmetry Solar
Stephen Finlay
Head of Operations NSW

Stephen is grounded by his core ethos of always “going the extra mile”.

Stephen is responsible for overseeing all NSW operations and leads change through striving for efficiency in all of his undertakings.

Keith Aggus - Symmetry Solar
Keith Aggus
Head of Installations

Keith’s key motivator is the health, wellbeing and continued development of his staff. Keith is directly responsible for overseeing all of Symmetry Solar’s in-house installation team consisting of 40+ installers nationally.

Nodsmil Sescar - Symmetry Solar
Nodsmil Sescar
Senior Solar Engineer

Nodsmil is a through and through enthusiast of all things solar, and this is exuded in the design and engineering capabilities he brings to the Symmetry Solar team.

With an aggregated design portfolio of over 30MW, Nodsmil is the foremost expert in designing bespoke engineering solutions for our clients.

Marcus Tonkinson - Symmetry Solar
Marcus Tonkinson
Head of Operations & Maintenance

Marcus is driven by understanding the "how” and the “how to”.

Newly incorporated Head of Operations and Maintenance, Marcus is responsible for ensuring the continued performance of all assets under management.

Albert Marciano - Symmetry Solar
Albert Marciano
Drafting Engineer

Albert’s key passion is bringing conceptual ideas to life through detailed CAD designs. Albert is responsible for drafting all detailed 3D renderings and conceptual designs for Symmetry Solar.

Abigail Basina - Symmetry Solar
Abigail Basina
Office Manager

Abby is the embodiment of efficiency and process. Abby is the curator of Symmetry Solar's vast administration function and one of the business’s longest standing executive members.

Nathan Ross - Symmetry Solar
Nathan Ross
Project Manager

Nathan is driven by his desire to continually exceed the expectations of his clients and his team.

Nathan is responsible for all Victorian project operations and always seeks to provide unparalleled client communication and interaction.

Emmerald Rico - Symmetry Solar
Emmerald Rico
Head of Accounts

Emmerald has a passion for all things fiscally related and thrives in a fast-paced and complex accountancy environment.

Driving the key accounting and financial functions of Symmetry Solar, Emmerald ensures Symmetry Solar remains sustainable through growth.

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